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Streamline your Inventory Process

Pinnacle Professional yard management system integrates with a series of product solutions developed by Hollander International and key 3rd party providers to make the stocking of auto parts as efficient and accurate as possible for your employees.  Our apps are designed to make the process of stocking your car parts as efficient as possible so your team can reinvest lost time back into your business. 


Stock Inventory Apps 

Take manual image capture, part data entry and paperwork out of stocking car parts with Pinnacle Professional. Make your phone and tablet essential parts of your inventory process, helping to get parts in and out of your yard faster and more efficiently Our series of dedicated applications designed to work on tablets, handheld or mobile devices can help tag car parts and zone them in your yard faster with just a few clicks. 

Barcode Scanner Pro

The Primary function for this application is for stock control and to locate your tagged up parts within your warehouse and perform stock checks/updates which are updated instantly on your Pinnacle system (this app requires Wifi on the same LAN as the server to function).

Additional features with this version now allow you to edit your parts (comments, price, IC option), add images etc. The ability to mark the part as missing when doing a stock check.



Inventory Pro

This application allows users to download a Part Dismantle Report for a Motor Vehicle Registration (MVR) in their Pinnacle Pro system and inventory the vehicle, marking parts required for stock. 

Users can select the correct interchange for the parts, add comments, price and have the pinnacle sales/requests stats available to help make a decision on whether a part should be left on the vehicle (Y) or should be destined for the warehouse (W), they can even search PinnacleNet (while on Wifi) to help with their decision.

The user is also able to modify various details of the MVR record while at the vehicle where it’s far easier to check than from an office.

Once the Part Dismantle Report has been downloaded to the device via Wifi the user can work offline until they are finished with the vehicle. Once uploaded the parts and MVR record changes are available to the rest of the Pinnacle system instantly speeding the whole inventory process up dramatically.



Tricoder Pro

Allows users to locate tagged parts in a warehouse location offline, scan the location tag then the parts in that location, as simple as that. Once connected to Wifi users can upload and confirm in Pinnacle Pro.

This version also allows you to locate vehicles in the same manner. Scan the location followed by the MVR label in that location. Again upload when connected back on Wifi and then confirm in Pinnacle Pro.



Snap-It, a picture sells a thousand parts

Snap-It simplifies taking, organising and linking pictures with inventory in Pinnacle Professional.  Our Android-based mobile app turns your smartphone or tablet into an effective productivity tool.  Mobile and easy-to-use, Snap-It saves you time, effort and money while simplifying your image capture strategy. Ensuring your parts are looking the best for listing on eBay or on your online parts store.


Print and Tag your parts

Add a dedicated label printer or handheld device for helping tag your parts to inventory. Take your yard management to the next level by printing to durable all weather tags that can include barcodes and stock location information for better inventory management. We have teamed up with hardware vendors to provide best in class solutions across our peripherals so they meet the rigours and demands of a car dismantlers daily working enviornment. 


Protect your inventory

Ensure your business is backed up and protected. Select one of our backup and maintenance options for Pinnacle Professional to ensure if disaster strikes your inventory and customer data isn’t lost. 

Our server backup and maintenance options are flexible and with our inclusive server warranties you can be sure your hardware and data is well protected.

Additional Yard Management Solutions

Pinnacle Professional is extremely powerful, combine it with these additional tools and it is game changing for any auto recycling business.

Web Solutions

Use Pinnacle to sell your parts on your own website and increase the exposure of your business to national and local customers online.  


Sell more parts from more locations with PinnacleNet. Say yes to more customers with  access to breaker parts across the Pinnacle community. 

Hollander Interchange

Hollander Interchange supports our inventory applications and devices to improve the accuracy of your inventory process. Learn what apps and peripherals are available with Pinnacle Professional. 

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